Lead Generation Process: What to Do and What Not to?

“Doing or not doing something is not enough to reach your goal; the most important part of the process is how you do it.”

With any Business or process come some rules and regulations which you must follow to reach success and avoid the flaws. To help our followers and clients, we are listing 6 very important Dos and Don’t s of Lead Generation which we personally think you must:


Attract with content

To attract more visitors on your website, you can take help of content marketing strategy. Due to most appealing contents your site can rank higher by the search engine which helps you to attract more people.

Startup with a defined plan

Prepare a plan before you start with the lead generation process. Define your aim, objectives, target audience, difficult points and on-going trends in industry.

Understand your audience

Take a note and understand the shopping behavior of your target audience. You need to find out how, when and why your customer makes the purchase from your site.

Have a call to action

A crucially placed call to action button can provide your website visitors with an option to take the necessary step for understanding the things or services you want to offer through marketing. You can also ask them for their feedback or suggestions a dialog box at the end.

Nurture your leads

There will be many visitors to your website but very less leads would like to buy products or the services you tend to offer. However, it is very important that you should have a strategy for nurturing your qualified leads and informing often about the benefits they will receive once they become the permanent customers.

Follow up

The best way to get more and more leads is to do a follow up with your qualified leads once the marketing event is over. You can either make a follow up call or send an email. This will keep your leads notified about you and will help you to generate sales.

Don’t s:

Implement one strategy

The best way to reach, generate and nurture your leads is to make sure you are implementing more than one strategy using various modes of communication and marketing.

Lose Focus

With the strategy; you should measure the results of the campaigns. You need to be in touch with all of your departments to help you achieve your goals.

Forget older contents

When you are focusing on generating content for the marketing, don’t forget about your older contents which you have already published. Go through your older blogs and then reuse and re-purpose it. Keep your content always fresh.

Multiple calls to action

If you want your visitors to be focused, then keep only one call to action per landing page. Remove the links which are not essential for the visitors to take a look at. Make them reinforce your goal by providing them only important contents.


Once you get the contact details of your leads then you should determine the relevant frequency to stay in contact with them. Too much messages or content will turn off your leads and they will mark your emails as spam.

End the conversation

On the landing page or in the emails; do not all of sudden end the conversation. You can include a suitable call to action keep your leads or visitors engaged for longer time.

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