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It’s hard to think of a more widely respected investor than Were Buffett to Warren Buffett. invest in your company, it would be better off. You’d get his capital and he’d leave you alone to run your company — rather than meddling — as long as you met your financial targets. What’s more, you’d get the Buffett brand which would send potential customers and partners flocking to your company.

Buffett likes to invest in the biggest winners and he has told the world what that means to him. In a speech to University of Florida MBA students, according to , he posed a thought experiment: If you could buy 10 percent of the future earnings of a classmate, what would you look for? And if you could profit from the failure of a classmate, how would you choose the biggest loser?

The biggest winner would not be the one with the highest IQ — rather the winner would be a great leader of people. As Buffett said, “You’d probably…

Texas Global Consulting

Based in San Antonio, Texas Global Consulting is a top-performing retail marketing and direct sales firm that values teamwork, integrity, and excellence! ✔️🤝

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