Tesla is know to prioritize performance Models and as already pointed out will be closing in on those 200k US sales by 2018
Why you don’t want a $35000 Tesla Model 3
Tesla Short Circuit

A few things I feel were overlooked:

  1. The 200K limit will go up if a Democrat is elected. Model III OTD price is going to be very similar to a Bolt. In the meantime, preorders of a Model 3 in March 2016 are sure to place you ahead of Model S orders in 2018. Since Tesla will sell 80–90K cars in 2016, there’s plenty of breathing room to lock in your tax credit if you buy early (regardless of the election turnout).
  2. Some of us don’t consider the “basic” features as important as the ability to accelerate twice as fast as any other car in the same class. Add to that unbeatable style, range, and cost of maintenance and we’ll survive without some amenities.
  3. Toyota services the budget customer. Tesla will take a little market share from them because some will splurge on the new most popular car since the Model T. Plus, there are budget customers like me who can’t wait to go electric ASAP (even if it’s a little more than the gas option). But Toyota has no need to be worried yet. BMW, on the other hand, is probably shaking in its boots. A person in the market for a 3-series is not going to buy a Bolt instead, but they will definitely buy a Model III instead. That customer won’t flinch at $5–10k extra for a few primo packages.