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I want you to repeat after me, “I don’t live in a Democracy, I live in a Representative Republic”. Now, click your heals and wake up.

If the writer can’t tell the difference, here is a link.

If you are going to pretend you are a journalist, don’t start your argument with a boldfaced lie from the start.

Next, until Trump has been inaugurated on January 20th, 2017 he hasn’t done anything at all. He is picking his cabinet and until such a time, you only assume he is going in a specific direction.

Finally, I didn’t vote for Trump, or the democratic C**T, and personally think that Sanders, Johnson or Stein would have made a better President than either of those two so don’t get any allusions that I wanted one of those morons to win. I just despise lousy hit pieces that masquerade as journalism.

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