Sharp winds of dirt are blowing

Sand hitting my body so hard

Tearing me to pieces with every step I take

My weakness is seeking through me

Soaked in sweat of fear

Things begin to get blurry

Losing my balance

I trip over old bones

2 men begin to start shouting and kicking

Hard to keep my balance

I manage to get back up

I keep coughing up blood but I just spit like nothing

They order us to stop and rest

Great finally a short break I thought

We all sit there and try not to stare

A women lets out a cry of help, we can’t do nothing but ignore

Winds starts to howl along with her crys of pain

I want to flee but the vision of my family comes to mind

I can’t give up, I can’t give up, everyone is counting on me!

Nights have come so quick

no food to eat

no water to drink

3 days of walking but yet so far

Not sure if we will make it

Maybe the next man will trip over my old bones…

CNY 1987