Writing Prompt: Stacked Stones

Peaceful Journey

A 4 hour drive to the only place that seemed to bring relaxation to my mind and body, to escape from all the city noise. I had gotten use to the view from my apartment window. Many old buildings and lots of rowdy people. Sirens going off all night and day. But a break was for sure in need, after the week I’ve had.

From losing my job to getting my purse stolen to getting behind on bills to not remembering where I put my cell phone.

A familiar sign is getting closer, and it brought a smile to my face.

Which reads…

Welcome to Peaceful Journey Lake (Hiking, Fishing,Camping)

I drove to my favorite spot, right under the tree with the best shade that just happened to be the best spot for fishing too.

The spot where my grandfather always brought me when I was just a little girl. We would fish all day until I would get tired and start playing with the stones. My grandpa would know it was time to go when he’d see the pile of stacked stones.

The relaxation here was wonderful the sound of waves was rather soothing. I sit on the stones that surround the beautiful view of the lake and put my feet in the water.

Warm but cool the temperature of the water was perfect like always.

A soft breeze of air was slowly moving the leaves. The sounds of bird’s chirping a beautiful melody and my feet splashing in the fresh water all became a like symphony. It was perfect this made any day beyond great.

Nothing compares to this at all. The city life was definitely a big difference to the country life.

CNY 1987

Writing Prompt: Stacked Stones