You Vanished

I saw you there, in a small dark room with not a lot of space at all.

You screamed for help, you screamed for me, you looked so scared.

I had to find you but didn’t know where, the world is so big.

I am awake and as I go to close my eyes I see your face every single time.

You fought them to try to get away,

You begged them to stop,

You pleaded them to understand that they were doing wrong!

But nobody listened they all called you a villain. A monster some screamed!

Nobody dared to go against all those that had already made up there minds. If they could only see there own faces, hear there own voices!

They’re the villains, they’re the monsters, they have no heart!

What makes them think they can take justice into their own hands?

I felt all the pain you felt,

I saw all the fear in your eyes,

Your innocence will be proven one day and all those people will be punished.

GOD SEE’S ALL the pain that they have caused just because of there ignorance of being judgmental toward a human being…

Nothing in this world will go unpunished, revenge is not always the way,


CNY 1987

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