Are you curious about what it is like to be an engineer at Google?

On the evening of Thursday, April 14th, Google Pittsburgh is hosting an event called The DNA of a Software Engineer at our office. The event itself will consist of a cocktail reception followed a presentation by Eric Giguère, who is a Google engineer and author of (among other books) Programing Interviews Exposed, a book about Google’s notorious technical interviews.

The event is a private and invitation-only event, but, as luck would have it, I am allowed to invite people. (Never mind that I won’t actually be at the event, I can put you on a list to be invited.)

If you want to come to this event, you need to get me your name and email address so I can add you to the invitation list, and the sooner the better.

Message me on Twitter (@texburgher) or email me (texburgher at gmail). From there, you’ll get an invitation full of details by email and the rest will be history.