5 Reasons Gamers Love Stadia

Google’s Stadia Overview

Stadia gaming will be a game changer for the gaming industry through cloud immersion, extremely high quality visual and sound game play, embracing cross platform play, switching multi-devices in game seamlessly, and many new game play functionality.

During the Stadia announcement, Google promots Stadia as, “focused on gamers, inspired by developers and amplified by YouTube Creators.” Google Stadia also makes it clear that this new platform is for everyone everywhere and promises a lag free gaming experience as long as you have a fast internet connection.

Stadia will closely integrate with YouTube for live streaming of your game, gives you the ability to start a game directly from YouTube, allows you to join YouTube Content Provider’s game directly, and many more options. Note the streaming component to Stadia will directly compete with Twitch as is stands today.

Google’s Stadia will create games in-house and provide known game creation platforms for developers to create their own games. This obviously completes with current games distributors like the new Epic Games Store and Steam.

Google stated there will be three games for Stadia but only mentioned two in the Stadia Demo: Creed Odyssey and Doom Eternal.

There is a slight rumble about Stadia on Reddit relating to how Google Stadia will integrate advertising inside the new gaming experience. For example, will Stadia randomly pause your gaming experience and make you watch an ad, similar to what we see in Hulu today or even during YouTube video’s themselves. Also will they heavily push unrelated Google products like YouTube’s Premium Service.

With the overview of Stadia out of the way, lets jump into the top five reasons gamers will love Stadia!

1) The Cloud Experience

To play on the Stadia platform you don’t have to buy hardware since all of the infrastructure is in the cloud. This means you do not have to buy $400+ consoles anymore, which is a game changer. Everyone knows if a service like Stadia never came out the current gaming giants would continue to increase the price of gaming consoles as we have seen in the past.

Another gaming cloud benefit is you never have to wait for firmware, patches or software updates as you currently have to with Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony consoles. Updates will be performed in the cloud and the user will not be impacted.

No software to download using a cloud native infrastructure, the data center is your platform for both developers and gamers. This set up will reduce latency or the dreaded lag between client and server (and other clients) since they will all reside in the data center. Having said that, a solid stable internet connection will be extremely important for game play.

Stadia will allow you to start a game directly from watching a video on YouTube with a simple click of the button. It will take about 5 seconds for the game to start. In the Stadia Demo, Google showed the game running on an old laptop, an old computer, a tablet, phone and TV with no issues. Again, the Stadia experience (game) is running directly from Google’s data center in the cloud.

2) Effortless Media Switch

With Stadia you can switch media and not lose your spot in game. Meaning you will be able to play on your laptop, switch to your PC, phone, Tablet or TV and not lose your game spot. The game moves seamlessly from each device.

In the Stadia demo the guy playing the game switched each media device while playing the game using the Stadia Controller. It was also noted that the controller connects directly to Google’s Data Center. So the controller controls the interaction between the media devices.

While we are talking about the media, Google mention in their demo that the TV was able to play the game because it was connected through a Chromecast HDMI Streamer.

3) New Game Play Functionality

Since Stadia connection will be directly through Google’s network there is enough power and connectivity for 1000’s of players to join a battle royal instead the 100’s as we see today. JoshYx on Reddit is excited about massive 10000+ player MMORPG places popping up on Stadia.

Stadia will allow new type of gaming environments with low latency, perfect synchronization and real time ridged body physics. Think of massive worlds like we see with Fortnight or World of Tanks but more detailed and many more players joining seamlessly.

Split screen multiplayer without any game penalties or degradation. This would also allow players to call others screen views on demand and not just one players view but many all at once.

Stadia Crowd Play will allow you with a click of the button to join YouTube creators who are playing a game automatically. YouTube creators will have full control over this feature, allowing the numbers of players in and when

Stadia will embrace full cross-platform play. This means Stadia will allow integration and shared games with the top game makers today: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. Will they play?

4) Stadia Controller

The Stadia controller is uniquely designed to enhance game play for the Stadia gaming experience. There was no price mentioned but Xbox and PS4 wireless controllers from $50 to $60.

The controller will connect directly by Wi-Fi to the game that is connected to the Google Data Center in the Cloud. It links the device you are playing on to the cloud. You can also use a mouse or keyboard if you prefer.

Two Stadia buttons are called out as unique, the Capture Button which allows you to take screenshots of the game while playing and saves it back out to YouTube, allowing you to share it if you like. There is also a similar functionality called ‘State Share’, where you can freeze a game in time and share it for yourself or for anyone to play at the exact spot, level, gear that you were experiencing.

The other controller button on the Stadia that is called out it the Google Assistance Button which allows players to access the controllers built in microphone the get help from the assistant with the use of in game features integrated by developers.

5) Powerful Gaming Processor

Google built he Stadia architecture on top of the Google Data Center Network with fiber optic links connecting over 7500 edge node locations around the globe. The nodes being spread out and close to players means better performance. Stadia has promised to support 4k, 60 FPS (Frames Per Second), HDR, and Surround Sound.

For streamers, you can also stream the game to YouTube while you play live at 4k, 60FPS, giving your viewers the highest possible viewing quality.

Stadia will have a GPU, which was built by AMD of 10.7 GPU teraflops. This is double the GPU of Xbox One X(6.0) and PS4 Pro(4.2) combined. In addition, since Stadia is in the cloud it will be running off of multi GPU’s giving graphics and sound quality an even bigger boost.

Stadia’s release date is in 2019.

Google welcomes you to visit them at Stadia.com or Stadia.dev for more information. Want to get excited about Stadia, here is Google’s intro video to Stadia for gamers: Google Stadia Video for Gamers

I would love to hear your feedback on Stadia!

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