Top 5 Countries with the Best Clothing Manufacturers

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We live in a world which no longer buys a product just because it satisfies a need. Almost every year we hear of some countries that have been sanctioned due to a number of reasons. It might be use of child labor, human rights violations, or any other form of unethical labor practices. It therefore goes without saying that one ought to understand how a product is made, who makes it, and whether it is doing so with best market practices in mind. The clothing industry is no exception. One would want to know which country to consider. We have therefore summarized the top 5 countries with best manufacturers in the world. Visit this site to know more about powerful manufacturing countries.

1. China

China takes the lead when it comes to fabric manufacturing business. It has led for many years and boasts a whopping 160 billion in exports each year. When it comes to production, its annual production far outweighs some group of exporting countries combined. Its exports exceed by far its imports, thanks to its huge population. Its main client is therefore the local market. It takes the lead in export of both finished garment and fabric. Most of the customers are still working with Chinese PPE and medical uniform manufacturers.

It is important however to note that China is slowly losing its market share in the fabric and garment market. We can attribute this to the emergence of third world countries that have experienced a surge in their exports. The political concerns and uncertainty may be another issue leading to this. There has also been an increased trade war between the US and China. Competition has become stiff, drifting the focus of fashion designers to emerging countries such as Bangladesh. If this is anything to go by, not to mention the rising cost of labor, China might lose a huge portion of its market share.

2. The USA

With its strong historic presence, the USA is among the top countries with best clothing manufacturers in the world. It leads the pack in North America, boasting a huge market share. In terms of production, the USA may be ahead of most countries but when measured in terms of fabric and garment exports, it will still emerge among the top countries. A huge proportion of the clothing manufactured in the USA is consumed by its local population. Workers are paid much more in the USA unlike other countries. It has however remained relatively stable year-on.

3. Bangladesh

You guessed it right; Bangladesh has proven to be a leader when it comes to fabric and garment exports. Despite the challenges it faced in the past, it has managed to remain as the second best when it comes to fast fashion brands. It enjoys a stable political environment, advanced textile technology, favorable market for foreign investors, and readily available labor force. They can make low MOQ custom embroidered polo shirts.

4. India

India might be a new face in the global fabric and garment industry but its rate of growth is mind-blowing. It has lately attracted investors from all over the globe thanks to its favorable political environment, advancement in technology, and readily available workforce. Its cloth manufacturing growth has been taking a leap in double digits when compared to China. The geographical location of India with respect to China also gives it an edge over other countries. It can easily import raw materials from China. When it comes to textiles, India ranks second globally. Just read this to know more.

5. Mexico

Investors have been eying Mexico for a long time. It close proximity to the US reduces overhead costs immensely. Its labor is also cheap making it a second choice after China since companies can save more. Mexico’s garment industry has enjoyed a good relationship with the US of late. Restrictions have been eased making it favorable for companies to outsource garments to Mexico. They are good in recycled fabric made clothes.

The apparel industry will continue to grow. Online sales platforms have catapulted the growth making it so much easier for small manufactures to sell globally.

We believe fashions never ends. That’s why we have chosen this subject for our site so that we never make our readers bored.

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Fashion Never Ends

We believe fashions never ends. That’s why we have chosen this subject for our site so that we never make our readers bored.