Let`s stop the spam

No Junk Mailbox by Mathyas Kurmann

After getting continually bombarded with spam, I decided to have a brief look at where the spam was coming from and why it is not automatically intercepted by my internet service provider.

I use my personal mailboxes to archive incoming mail according to topics and noticed a few months now getting unsolicited mail on a daily basis. I get thirty to forty spam messages, about two to four times per day, seven days a week in blocks of up to ten messages, with the same timestamp.

I keep my messages on the server and do a monthly clean-up. I have plenty of mail storage. The problem is even though I cleanup all the spam on occasions, I eventually have quite a lot of spam after a few weeks. Doing a resynchronization of a mailbox on a mobile device exacerbates the situation.

Spam Filters

I have defined spam filters for many of the similar spam messages and seem to work for about half of the spam messages coming in to my inbox.

My internet service provider offers an additional spam filtering service for about $10 per month. I ask why would they charge for something that is an essential service for most internet users. Excessive spam would make the email service unusable.

Who has my email address?

If you have an old machine with out of date software, or it may have been infected; which can be from a bad email from someone you know or someone on a distribution list; a website that you supplied your credentials; infected download or a browser leak. Once someone you do not want has your email address, you can be spammed incessantly from random sender addresses.

The problem is that most users have multiple devices for accessing email and anyone of them can be open to contamination.

It is impossible to control who has an email address and when it is going to be misused. The control of the sending email address should be an implicit protocol among service providers.

Spammer email address

I was getting spam from willingtoseedifference.info on 15th August. These email addresses are usually used for just one batch of emails and not used again.

Email Domain Information of Spammer
block the receipt of the email if the senders email address was assigned in the last few days

The registrar details for willingtoseedifference.info are:

Spammer register domain on same day of spam

As we can see from above, the spammer registers the domain on the same day the spam is sent. There are no spam filter rules that allows the user to block the receipt of the email if the senders email address was assigned or created in the last few days.

What spammers spam

The spammers spam products from well known companies. Popular companies and brands from commerce; health; nutrition; finance; insurance and tourism are regularly spammed.

Well known brands spammed on day of ICANN domain registration

This has lead to the conjecture of wether the brands know that their products are being spammed relentlessly to the annoyance of the email account holders. If they are aware, they should work with the internet service providers and telecommunication companies to only allow messages that have designated permission reaching destination mailboxes of the internet.

Internet providers should shutdown spammers

Internet providers should use technology such as machine learning to dynamically inspect messages that are spam.

ISPs should be able to auto control spam

Many of the large internet based companies use such techniques for their internal mail and feeds. The quality of service of the internet dependents good user experience that is eroded by prevalence of spam.


The deluge of spam floating through the internet means many terabytes of storage and data bandwidth is consumed with no benefit to the internet community. The internet service providers may benefit from the extra traffic consuming subscribers monthly data allowance, but this eventually leads to a degraded service for all users.

Real-time ICANN directory lookup would reduce spam

Automatic filtering can be achieved if the internet providers work in concert to analyze bulk data sends in real-time against ICANN credentials and spot and block spammers.

Also, there may be very little supporting text with many spam messages, and in many cases the text is like Lorem Ipsum. This junk mail characteristic should be detectable by user side spam filters activated on user request by the internet service providers.

Providing users with rules that block mail coming from transient accounts that have been setup temporarily by spammers, should be the default for all internet email delivery.