I’ve been contemplating different options for what I want to do next. There are a few themes that I notice as being common threads amongst all options:

I want to explore

I want to learn

I want to create

I want time with my family

Let’s look at some of the things a business may want(assuming a technology-driven, product/service business):

It wants to grow

It wants to outsmart competition

It wants to be profitable

It wants to optimize effort

Typically businesses grow their products/services in a linear fashion, with a roadmap, a plan and a team to support it. What ends up happening is that this team gets caught up in their day-to-day challenges and tends to remain heads down focused on the commitments made to the customers and stakeholders.

In this situation, there’s little room for innovation. The shake-things-up kind. That outcome requires a different mindset and a different approach. It needs creativity, it needs improvisation and it needs deep focus.

What I’m now formulating is a model that would provide Innovation as a service. I’m imagining a lab and a team that masters the skills needed to reimagine solutions, and can deliver those back to the client with supersonic speed. A team that thrives on a culture of improv.

A service like this would do projects that involve exploring new technologies, solving large and overarching business problems, and develop proof-of-concepts that can be handed over back to the technology/operations team for them to bring that solution into their roadmap.

Being outside, this team can offer fresh perspectives, fresh thinking and push a business forward by showing them a path of achievable results.

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