Is casting white men as heroes in movies inherently racist?
Alexander Muse

Your questions may not be racist per se, but they are at least as hyperbolic as the position you castigate, and serve more to inflame than enlighten. Why would you ask something so extreme as “ Should all white men surrender?” if your goal is not to provoke? I didn’t see Constance suggest anything that extreme, so your question creates a straw man. I can’t see that as part of any constructive dialog.

While the goal of your last sentence is an admirable one, it ignores the reality that we still have institutional racism in the US, and it all too often leads to the sort of casting that draws complaints like Constance’s. Is her diatribe over the top? Maybe. But Hollywood is tone deaf to the issue, and that’s been aptly demonstrated by interview quotes and leaked memos. I would like to at least see the industry work harder than it does to fill POC roles with POC actors. But looking for a perfect solution of any kind is pointless.

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