Are you willing to give up your privacy when taking notes?

Most note apps sync all your content to some kind of cloud service. Great — you can now have access to your notes on all your devices. Not-so-great — now your notes can be hacked and read by anyone.

Textadore is a new note app for iPhone and iPad that takes privacy seriously. Your notes stays on your device, unless you decide to share them with someone. That way you are always in control of your content.

A key feature is easy sharing. It’s painless to share to Messages, Twitter, Mail and other apps.

One of Textadore’s key features is easy sharing, as all notes are accessible to send directly in Messages via the integrated iMessage app. It’s also simple to share to Twitter, Mail and other apps — just slide left and tap share on any note in Textadore. If you’re anxious about sharing a note by mistake, you can mark it as private. Then you’ll be asked if you’re sure you want to share that note.

If you’re forgetful, Textadore’s your friend. Set a reminder for a note and get a notification when it’s time to share or send — great for birthday greetings and time sensitive tweets. Tired of typing? Use Speech-to-Text, and easily switch between multiple languages.

Textadore is available for $0.99 on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. Requires iOS 10 or later.