Clear Out Your Old Textbooks and Make a Difference This Holiday Season

Textbooks for Change and Goodwill Industries Toronto and Northern Regions are launching a pilot program at select Donation Centres across Toronto! The following donation centres will now be accepting post-secondary used textbooks, case studies, and course packages that are cluttering up your basement (or your parents basement):

  1. Aurora: 1 Industrial Parkway S
  2. Newmarket: 17817 Leslie St
  3. Oshawa: 1304 Harmony Rd, Unit 1
  4. Toronto: 231 Richmond St E
  5. Scarborough: 350 Progress Ave

This new partnership will allow Goodwill to better achieve their mission of changing lives and communities through the power of work by simply providing textbooks that otherwise would end up in dumpsters, basements, or going to be pulped. You can now create jobs locally and empower students globally.

Donate Stuff, Create Jobs.

“This is an incredibly exciting partnership for us that will have a dramatic impact on the lives of families here in Ontario that work with Goodwill, the lives of East African students, and of course on the environment. Something as simple as packing those old textbooks you see sitting around your house and bringing them to Goodwill can now have an impact around the world. That’s incredible to think about.” Said Adam Frye, Director of Business Development for Textbooks for Change.

Our most recent textbook donation of 24,000 textbooks to Moi University!
So with this holiday season ramping up, take a minute to pack up those old textbooks that have been around since graduation and bring them down to the local Goodwill. One simple act will make an impact on so many lives (plus less clutter for the in-laws to see!).

If those locations aren’t near you check out other spots you can donate your old textbooks to here!

About Goodwill and Textbooks for Change

Goodwill Industries is a non-profit social enterprise that provides work opportunities, skills development and employee and family strengthening for those who face barriers such as disability or social disadvantage. Goodwill’s core mission is to enable work opportunities and provide skills development for people facing barriers to employment, including people with disabilities, youth, the chronically unemployed, and newcomers to Canada. Our mission is fulfilled through the collection and sale of donated goods.

Textbooks for Change is a B-Corp and Social Enterprise with a mission to provide affordable and accessible educational material to students both locally and globally. We collect used textbooks on 19 campuses, and through over 30 Goodwill ADC’s across Ontario in order to create some massive impact. 50% of all textbooks that come through the doors of Textbooks for Change go directly to post secondary libraries in East Africa, 30% are recycled efficiently, and 20% are resold online at the lowest possible price to students in North America. Proceeds from those books are split between sustainably running their operations and deepening their social impact.