Sheridan’s Campus Ambassador: Devon Pelletier

At Textbooks for Change, our Campus Ambassador Program has been a fun way to connect with the campus community while providing awesome experiences for motivated students.

Name: Devon Pelletier

Age: 23

Program: Advertising & Marketing Communications Diploma, Year 2

School: Sheridan College

Favourite part of school: The smaller campus size and class size really creates a great close-knit community experience. It’s easy to be engaged and active on campus because everyone knows and supports each other in their actions.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What are you up to now? What do you like to do outside of school/work? Some goals?

I’m currently in my final year of my diploma program at Sheridan, so it’s a bit of a bittersweet time for me. Since it’s such a short program, I feel like I’ve just gotten to really become comfortable with the campus and the people, but I’m going to have to leave in less than 8 months! On the other hand, I’m definitely stoked to be entering the job market and start exploring the Toronto Marketing and Advertising industry.

As for other interests, I’m a huge hockey fan, so between watching, playing, and talking hockey, that tends to take up a lot of my time. I’ve also been really into running lately, so I’m training for my first full marathon next spring!

How did you get involved with Textbooks for Change?

I’ve known Chris for a few years now, and first became aware of T4C when he first founded the company with Tom. We actually lived together in London for a brief time during the summer while he was working on the company and his degree. Fast forward a few years: I’ve transferred to Sheridan, T4C has grown exponentially, and I find out through Brady (former roommate at Western!) that there’s an opportunity to be a representative for the cause at my college. How could I turn that opportunity down? I believe in the cause and the company, and I’m excited to help spread the word about T4C and the great things that they do.

Why did you want to become a Textbooks for Change Head Campus Ambassador at Sheridan?

T4C had only been at Sheridan for 1 year previous to my involvement with them, so I saw an opportunity to help out with their growth. Furthermore, Sheridan as an institution is growing at an exponential rate as well, with new campus extensions in Brampton and Mississauga. With a student population of 18,000 full-time and 35,000 continuing and part-time students, that’s a huge potential impact that Sheridan can make! Hopefully we can get the student population excited about the cause and it can continue for years to come.

If you were able to meet a younger student studying a similar program in Kenya, what advice would you give to them?

If I were to meet a Kenyan student enrolled in a similar program, I would tell them that they’re getting involved in what I believe is one of the most important areas of business in the 21st century. With the massive amount of information available to the consumer, it’s important to think about optics for every single company process. In some sense, that comes down to marketing. Also, knowing a country’s culture is a huge asset to any marketing person, so, I would advise them to use their knowledge of their part of the world to their advantage in.

What is the best course you’ve taken at Sheridan?

It’s hard to pick between them in my program, because they are all interrelated! But, I would have to say that my Creative Strategy course was my favourite. I have aspirations of starting a small service business in the marketing and advertising industry, so studying and analyzing strategy is not only a super important aspect of launching a business in a busy industry, but it’s also fun to visualize future projects through the case studies and things that we worked on. Also, big shout out to the professor, Paula!

If you are interested in becoming a head campus ambassador or becoming more involved with T4C on your campus, email or visit for more details.
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