Western’s Campus Ambassador: Thomas Rockwell

At Textbooks for Change, our Campus Ambassador Program has been a fun way to connect with the campus community while providing awesome experiences for motivated students.

Name: Thomas Rockwell

Age: 21

Program: 2nd year of the HBA program at Ivey Business School. I completed two years of a BMOS degree prior to that.

School: Western University

Favourite part of Western: What I love about Western are the opportunities it provides to align yourself with like-minded individuals. With so many clubs, groups and initiatives, there is something for everyone!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What are you up to now? What do you like to do outside of school/work? Some goals?

My experience and extra-curriculars are heavily focused on social impact. This past September was Western’s Terry Fox Run, which I had a blast in being a coordinator for. Outside of school and work, I’m a big cottage/camping guy in the summer, and hockey in the winter. My personal goals are to always expand my comfort zone as that is the best and easiest way to learn new things.

How did you get involved with Textbooks for Change?

I got involved with T4C through running a textbook drive in support of Shinerama and Cystic Fibrosis Canada. After seeing the impact that can be had and the values the company stood for, I knew I had to get more involved in some manner. I become Western’s Head Campus Ambassador in April 2015 and also interned with the team over the summer!

Thomas, pictured right, collecting textbooks with the Shinerama textbook drive at Western University.

Why did you want to become a Textbooks for Change Head Campus Ambassador at Western?

I wanted to become Head Campus Ambassador for T4C to get more involved in the company while getting more experience in high-autonomy positions. With ambitions to work for start-ups, the role has offered me relevant experience to build my skillset. My strong interest in social enterprise business models aligns great with the company as well.

If you were able to meet a younger student studying a similar program in Kenya, what advice would you give to them?

If I were able to meet a younger student studying a similar program in Kenya, I would tell them to keep pushing their comfort levels in order to learn and grow. I think they would be the one’s to give me advice in the end, I have been lucky to have so many readily available opportunities and resources, and their dedication and passion is something I would want to hear a lot more about.

What is your favourite memory of university so far?

My favourite memory from University so far is definitely one of the 3 opening ceremonies of Orientation Week I have had the opportunity to be at as an upper year leader. Being able to watch the incoming classes of ~7000 unify so quickly after arriving on campus is something I will not forget.

If you are interested in becoming a Head Campus Ambassador or becoming more involved with T4C on your campus, email info@textbooksforchange.ca or visit www.textbooksforchange.ca for more details.