10 awesome home decor tips to create an extraordinary look for your dream home

At present, every one want to innovative home decor idea and home textile furnishing item that create elegance accent look for your home. home decor furnishings , some modern and handicraft textile items , Little wallpaper , accessories , colourful accents , Paints and fancy fabrics could make your house to elegance home.if you want to find some best wholesaler of window curtains , best sheets dealer , distributor of sofa set and covers , pillow covers supplier and table accessories contact textileinfomedia market place portal where you can easily get all information as per your location like Ahmadabad , Chennai , Mumbai , Gujarat , Delhi, Punjab and south India.

  1. Making living room with texture and pattern

In the living room gathering spaces, There are thousands of colourful paint , small home textile products , colours shadows with various tints use to make extraordinary look. Arrange all furniture Pull seating pieces, sofa set and wallpaper.

living room with texture and pattern

2. Hang in interior window and door curtains

hang printed or cotton windows curtains as close to the ceiling and keep distance the rest of your furniture and handicraft items.

Curtains design layout india

3. Eyes Catching Comfort sofa set

Determine sofa size and shape will suit to your home. here you can explore sofa set covers supplier , sofa fabrics , sofa design wholesaler, top 10 of home textile manufacturing companies and sofa custom maker contact details.

eye catching sofa set

4. Match your dinning and table cloth ware

Choose the Right Dining Table with shape and size. Which one is right for your home? There are so many shape, design ,color and fabrics.

dinning table decor

5. Choose art work for bedding room

Right bed sheet covers , art work ,arrange pillow and gorgeously floral bedding set to your home bed room. There are many design ,shape and modern look available in home textile market place india


6. Put an antique in the bathroom

The design and decoration of your bathroom create healthy mood and energy. Put an antique wallpaper and bold patterns.

antique bathroom

7. Manage rug on furniture

Start with your floor plan such as classical layout, float layout ,dinning and bedding layout and chose material , pattern and solid colours. if you want to get supplier of rugs and carpet , retailer shop address and contact info email to us

Manage rug on furniture

8. Classic Elegance fully utilise kitchen

Well designed kitchen spaces and arrangement of kitchen décor item make elegance modern look.

kitchen and home textile placement

9. Keep Outer area fabrics simple

High quality carpet under outer area of room and suitable fabrics make space oriented house.

exterior design at house

10. Decorating with pillow and covers

Decorate any space with little controlled contrast and get look through the use of pillows, printed cushion , textures , mixing shapes, colors and design patterns.

pillow covers supplier and manufacturers