What to check when proofreading

Proofreading is an important part of a website content writing services workflow. With a lot of emphasis of generating high quality content it is absolutely essential to go for proofreading content brutally. A good content will only be able to attract a good volume of readers only when it is proofread perfectly.

A website content writing company will vouch for the importance it gives to proofreading. It not only refines your content to a great extent but also lets you engage better with readers. This helps in aiding in brand stickiness and better conversion.

1 — Make it impersonal

It is human psychology that we cannot uncover our own mistakes as well as others’ mistakes. The same goes for content writing. While we may do a good work of drafting and editing content, we need a bit of assistance when doing proofreading. One way to go about it is to take a small break, close your eyes, or take a stroll before you begin the proofreading process. After some time, sit with a fresh perspective as if it is written by someone else. You will be surprised at the little errors you would have missed at first glance.

2 — Tone

You need to do two things –

a. Consider the brand perception and audience segment’s sensibilities

b. Have your own voice of authority

You need to strike a balance between both in order to adhere to the overall brand tone. If it is a blog that has a loyal audience following then they would anticipate looking for a similar tone they are accustomed to in the past. Make sure to check the website content for this point when you proofread your content writing developer. You may also involve professional proofreading services companies to make the task easier.

3 — One central idea

In the content writing process, it is easy to digress to unrelated themes. As any professional copywriter would vouch, it is important to factor in just one central theme for a blog post. But when articulating the content it may happen that you would diverge to other ideas. When proofreading you need to make sure that the entire content talks about one central idea and the logical flow is present. You need to avoid going from one thought to another very abruptly.

4 — Grammar and spelling

‘they’, ‘they’re, or ‘their’ — such conundrums are bound to affect even the most seasoned website content writers at some or the other point of time. These minor misses put a great dent on your capabilities and authority as a veteran in content writing services. Hence to prevent loss of credibility you need to be brutal when checking for spelling mistakes or grammar slip-ups. Use tools like Grammarly or the WORD spell check tool (F7 is the shortcut to access the tool).