Apple Has Lost Its Charm
Noah Halford

I’m 34 and have been using macs since I was 17 as an artist and photographer. I’m not as much of an enthusiast, or have I been for as long but I just wanted to refer to this:

“I have to mention that I also respect and appreciate that Tim Cook is vocal about Apple’s moral responsibility to help the United States and the world”

Apple is an ideology now, and a cult. One of the most irritating and infuriating things for me personally, is ANYTHING ethical Apple pretends to do, like making donations for Hurricanes or saying their stores will soon become Town Squares because of how essential they are to the community. Why? Because Apple dodges most, if not all of the taxes it possibly can and with cash deposits of $250 billion- those taxes can save lives BEFORE hurricanes, those taxes can build REAL town squares. I honestly find it disgusting. The argument that every other major multinational also dodges tax is just irrelevant in my opinion. Almost nowhere, in popular media or elsewhere can I easily find people who are shouting about this. Because if I can’t find that, there’s little chance of this culture changing.

All this rhetoric of being ethical, running offices on renewables, while paying next to nothing in global taxes, it’s just insane.

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