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In ranking Tezos-nodes.com we created a system that automatically evaluates bakers by comparing 6 most important criteria and converts indicators into reliability points.

The system automatic updates total points every 10 minutes and evaluates Tezos bakers based on next criteria:

  • Efficiency % for last year — This criterium shows the ratio approved blocks and endorsements with misses.
    If the baker’s performance is low, you will receive fewer rewards than you should.

New features, improvements and highlights

Key and future functions of the Tezos-nodes.com project


Our team congratulates the entire Tezos community on entering in Carthage. It is incredible to witness the evolution of the Tezos blockchain. Words of delight and admiration for the development teams and bakers who helped in the testing Carthagenet 🎉

With activation Protocol Carthage 2.0 in Tezos blockchain basic rewards now for baking block is 40 XTZ, and for endorser — 1,25 XTZ. Thus, a missed block will “weigh” 32 times more than endorser. And before, the ratio was 1 to 8. We change our formula for calculating Efficiency, this is to balance performance. …

Support for non-public Tezos bakers & integration @TezosNotifierBot on personal bakers pages

New features

The Tezos-nodes project is a ranking of public bakers on the Tezos blockchain, which currently contains 100 active public bakers who provide services to delegates and bake Tezos tokens for them.

But, as we know today, on the blockchain there are more than 400 active bakers who bake tokens and thereby make the network stronger and more stable. We, in turn, would like to support them and provide them with the opportunity to monitor the effectiveness of their work.

Exactly a month has passed since the launch of our website tezos-nodes.com of the rating services of public bakers Tezos. In fact, we were flattered by the attention of the community of bakers and delegates to our resource and really appreciate it.

Information on criteria such as the baker’s lifetime in cycles, efficiency for all time, efficiency for the last 10 cycles, free space for delegation is updated based on indicators from the blockchain every 20 min! If necessary, we will reduce to 10 min.

Creating our rating, we tried to take into account the main criteria for assessing the…

Tezos Nodes

Tezos-nodes.com is a ratings service of Tezos public bakers

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