Claim free Tezos (XTZ) via Europe’s leading retail broker for buying and selling Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Tezos is currently promoting its new Android App.

Therefore they grant every app user (10k users limit) with a bonus of € 5 - € 200 just for logging in to their app in any random coin.

Bitpanda promotion

How to get free Tezos?

Step 1: Register at Bitpanda

Register an account at Bitpanda.


Step 2: Verify your identity

Only fully verified accounts will get a reward.

This countries are open for verification:

Austria Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Step 3: Download the Bitpanda app in the Google Play Store

The app is only available for Android. Go to the Play Store and download it.

Step 4: Log into the app

You must be fully verified to get a reward. If you are you get the reward after successfully logging in.

Step 5: Get Coins for free

Your free coins will be credited automatically. Rewards can be from 5 to 200 € in a random coin.

Step 6 (optional): Change them for Tezos

If you did not get Tez you can change the coins you got into Tezos. Bitpanda enabled Tezos trading since 18th September 2018.

Link to claim free coins:

To buy (or sell) Tezos on Bitpanda:

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