I’m Hosting My Portfolio on Medium

This portfolio dates from Fall of 2015 — it’s a supplement to the skill “Design”, listed on my resume. Traditionally, something like this would be found on a personal .com, but I’ve instead chosen Medium to host my work. Here’s why:

  1. It makes explaining UX easy. Medium is phenomenal for writing. The result is more articulate thoughts and clearer reasoning behind design decisions.
  2. There’s an established audience. No one likes writing to an empty room, which tommyfang.com, unfortunately, is.
  3. The focus is on design. Medium takes care of CSS formatting, network issues, and server costs for me, letting me focus purely on demoing my design work.

Items are chronological. Below Portfolio items are Product redesigns of products I use frequently, love, and wish to be better.

Portfolio items

Product redesigns

Inquiries at tfang17@stanford.edu. Last updated 01/06/17.

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