Some Notes on my Pictures of Brooklyn Delis

Thomas Brown
Sep 15, 2017 · 15 min read
Above: Los Nietos Deli Grocery Store (no. 16; 1218 Myrtle Avenue) in 2008
Above: RJ Grocery Store (no. 9; 927 Grand Street) in 2008
Above: 758 Grocery (no. 68; 758 Franklin Avenue) in 2008
Above: La Borinqueña (no. 22; 175 Marcy Avenue) in 2008
Not all of my 2008 pictures made it onto the 2017 map. Where did I take this one? I have no idea.
Above: Moya’s Lotto (no. 23; 163 Marcy Avenue) in 2008 | Below: Moya’s in 2017 (lottery tickets no longer available)
Above: Divino Niño Grocery Store (no. 29; 407 Keap Street) in 2008 | Below: 407 Keap Organic Deli Corp. in 2017
Divino Niño Jesús, still on the wall behind the counter at 407 Keap
Above: Super Express Deli Grocery (no. 72; 806 Franklin Avenue) in 2008 | Dunkin Donuts in 2017
Above: Star Coffee Shop (no. 105; 602 Marlborough Road) in 2008 | Below: Star Coffee Shop in 2017
I had the lentil fritters (lower left)
The fritters and samosas aren’t on the menu
From the window of PD’ Mario 3 Deli Grocery (no. 101; 579 Brooklyn Avenue)
Above: U.S. American Deli Corp. (no. 51; 637 Nostrand Avenue), 2008 | Below: Summerhill, 2017
U.S. American Deli Corp. moved down the block (to 631 Nostrand Avenue) and is now Nostrand Organic Market
New York Newsstand Deli (no. 60; 1136 Fulton Street) in 2008
1136 Fulton Street in 2017
Beata Delicatessen (no. 5, 984 Manhattan Avenue) in 2008
Odd Fox Coffee in 2017
Propeller Coffee, which replaced the Beata Delicatessen in 2013. Note the old sign for the Beata Delicatessen, which was visible until Propeller Coffee put up its own sign. Propeller was replaced by Odd Fox Coffee in 2017 (Photograph: Jen G. Pywell)


In 2008 this was the Night Line Convenience Newsstand (no. 55). Was it a deli in the 1980s? I can’t tell.
In 2008 this was the Jalal Express Deli & Grocery (no. 52). It was clearly also a deli twenty years earlier.
In 2008 this was the Espinal Deli Grocery (no. 15). It was probably also a deli in the 1980s, but the picture is a little too blurry to be sure.
In 2008 this was the Rosalino Grocery Corp. (no. 112). Not a deli in the 1980s.
Yemen Classon (no. 75; 475 Prospect Place), 1980s
Yemen Classon, 2008
Yemen Classon, 2017
Nahshal Supermarket (no. 74; 539 Park Place), 1980s
Above: Nahshal Supermarket, 2008 | Below: Park Pl. Deli, 2017

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