The much-anticipated Bitcoin halving event just occurred. Yet, its true impact is often misunderstood

From concept to go-to-market, the firm’s highly-anticipated roll-out of Bitcoin futures was full of false assumptions and misguided decisions


Away from the noise, this month the largest cryptocurrency quietly hit important new security milestones that you should pay close attention to

Plus, Capital One’s surprise initial response to data breach and the need for decentralized blockchain systems to protect sensitive info

Circle is moving the majority of its exchange operations offshore; time for new sensible U.S. regulation for crypto

And two additional things to pay attention to following recent developments in the crypto market

1. Binance just moved $1.2 billion at an overall cost of $0.015

When I left my job at Facebook to start a blockchain-focused VC fund some of my friends thought I was crazy. What a difference a year makes.

A year ago, Bitcoin hit it’s all-time-high price point and the ICO madness began. Today, the media headlines focus on Bitcoin’s price decline, declaring “the end of crypto.” Now, more than ever before, it’s important to stress that this is just the beginning

Photo by Matt Noble on Unsplash

Tether’s ongoing challenges, broken pegs and new stablecoin launches mean the landscape has changed over the past few months.

Takeaway #1: increased competition will help drive overall crypto adoption

Time to bust the myth: crypto teams should pursue a hybrid model and NOT define decentralization as their primary goal


Krugman, who was so publicly wrong before, is now taking on crypto — and he’s once again on the wrong side of history. Here’s why

Tomer Federman

Entrepreneur & early-stage investor · Previously at Facebook, SAP, multiple startups · Stanford MBA · Host, The Blockchain VC podcast ·

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