Illustrations from week seven of #100daysofNewfoundland

This week has been one of my favorite weeks of the project, and has ended with what I think is my favorite ‘weekly collection’ yet. From the traditional musical instrument the ugly stick, to saltbox houses and trigger mittens, Rick Mercer from The Rick Mercer Report, and Newfoundland dogs and puffins, each was total treat. Not to mention the Birch Brook Nordic Ski Club which I’d never heard of before beginning this project but which is located just outside of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, where I lived for six years as a kid.

Sticking to a morning routine was tough again…

Week six of #100daysofNewfoundland

Week six was about getting back to routine after an action packed previous few weeks and that almost happened. Shipping Think Kit on Tuesday ended up shaking up my routine early on, and the subsequent ship party on Thursday night was the second (wonderful) wrench in my habit forming attempts. However, it was a great reminder of the importance of taking a break to celebrate at a rest stop on the action packed road which is the roadmap this year for FiftyThree.

Even though I ended up pulling a couple of late nights to get my drawings in a few…

This post is majorly delayed due to a super busy last few weeks. Besides sticking to my daily drawing I’ve: spoken at a local meetup, spoken at Empire.js, judged at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC, and am gearing up for something special at FiftyThree. Phew.

When work life gets busy creative routine gets disrupted. I was mostly able to stick to my 7:30am weekday drawing time with a few late night drawing exceptions amidst the chaos and a few much needed later rises. …

Week two of #100daysofNewfoundland

If week one was about showing up and trying to make it happen each day, week two was about making creating at 7:30am a habit. As some of my friends know and joked, waking up at 7:30 each day is quite a change for me. Somehow I mostly managed to do it, give or take 15 minutes. I left my iPhone outside my room which helped and am trying out a new, minimal, alarm clock that doesn’t let me hit snooze so easily. Getting up at 7:30 was really hard, to be completely honest, but was also really rewarding. Brooklyn…

Week one of #100daysofNewfoundland

I thought it’d be helpful to document my progress by making a weekly Sunday summary. Also, it gives me a space to talk about process and how it’s going in general.

This week was pretty tough. I landed from vacation at midnight last Sunday and got up on Monday morning to kick off the first of one hundred days. Work was busy with some visiting coworkers in town, so my goal to get up at the same hour every morning and sketch didn’t work out as planned. …

In 2014 I set a few New Years resolutions which were meant to be metrics driven. Instead of vaguely saying ‘read more books’, I made a goal to read 20 books. It worked out really well for me… for the first time in years I had made New Years resolutions which lent themselves towards measuring progress and ultimately achieving them. Like most annual resolutions I only seemed to meet a couple of them, but along the way realized it was mostly my inability to pick up and maintain new routines that was holding me back.

Tara Jane Feener

Head of Engineering — US at WeTransfer. Newfoundlander living in Brooklyn, NY. Previously at FiftyThree, Adobe.

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