Illustrations from week seven of #100daysofNewfoundland

Week seven of #100daysofNewfoundland

This week has been one of my favorite weeks of the project, and has ended with what I think is my favorite ‘weekly collection’ yet. From the traditional musical instrument the ugly stick, to saltbox houses and trigger mittens, Rick Mercer from The Rick Mercer Report, and Newfoundland dogs and puffins, each was total treat. Not to mention the Birch Brook Nordic Ski Club which I’d never heard of before beginning this project but which is located just outside of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, where I lived for six years as a kid.

Sticking to a morning routine was tough again, and I’m starting to second guess that a normal, disruption free week exists. With the weather warming up in NYC, this week has been all about finding inspiration in sunshine, friends and the city.

Home office space to create.

To that end I’ve been drawing my illustrations in one of two places: either at my desk or on the balcony surrounded by plants and print. The office is surrounded by inspiration in the form of work by artists and friends I adore, including a photograph from Fogo Island by the talented Mark Bennett I keep front and center. I like to keep things a little messy and chaotic. Besides, isn’t that when creativity strikes best?

I like to keep things a little messy and chaotic. Besides, isn’t that when creativity strikes best?
Balcony space to create.

On top of an inspiration filled long weekend, I also passed the 50 day mark today of the project. It’s crazy to think today marks fifty illustrations of Newfoundland and Labrador and tomorrow is the beginning of doubling that amount. Despite that sounding (and feeling) slightly overwhelming, fifty days has flown by quickly and one hundred feels closer than ever.

This coming weekend I’ll be flying home to Newfoundland for a super brief weekend trip for my cousin’s wedding and landing for the first time ever in Gander Airport which I illustrated on day sixteen. To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

In closing out week seven, a major shoutout and thanks this week to Huffington Post Canada for covering the project, and specifically Ron Nurwisah who was a total delight to talk with.