Weeks three, four & five of #100DaysofNewfoundland

This post is majorly delayed due to a super busy last few weeks. Besides sticking to my daily drawing I’ve: spoken at a local meetup, spoken at Empire.js, judged at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC, and am gearing up for something special at FiftyThree. Phew.

When work life gets busy creative routine gets disrupted. I was mostly able to stick to my 7:30am weekday drawing time with a few late night drawing exceptions amidst the chaos and a few much needed later rises. It certainly kept things interesting and stressful, but it feels like I’ve emerged from an earthquake standing and that the next 65 days should be just fine.

I also passed the 1/3 mark of the project which was an exciting milestone, and although repeating the last 33+ days two additional times over seems intimidating, by day 35 today I felt that much closer to 50 and the halfway mark.

The project has received so much support from folks both at home and beyond and I’m incredibly grateful for it. The Overcast wrote a lovely piece about it in their May issue, Huffington Post Canada featured in on their Instagram account, and Random House Canada and CBC NL shared my Michael Crummey drawing on Thursday/Friday.

This morning I woke up super early for a live radio interview with Angela Antle (who is just the coolest) on CBC’s WAM, which you can listen to here.

Overall, I’m happiest with the progress. Introducing weeks three, four and five of #100daysofNewfoundland:

Week Three
Week Four
Week Five