From our initial climate working group meeting in January, after gathering forty-five professionals in public, private, and non-profit sectors working in design, and climate — we surveyed the group to see what climate issues people were interested in. We saw overlapping themes and narrowed it down to 4 areas to focus the work, and keep the momentum going by continuing to organize the community.

The working groups are focused on 4 different areas of climate resiliency:

  • Equity & Climate Justice
  • Transportation & Mobility 🚌
  • Waste, & Waste Management ♻️
  • Health & Natural Disaster Preparation

The Format

Meeting on the first…

Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.
— George Bernard Shaw

Details in the environment enhances mood and creativity

What is Hyper Island?

Hyper Island is a creative business school which designs learning experiences that empowers individuals and organizations to adapt and lead in a world in constant change.

Designing for a chat interface, UX & UI

The challenge

An open design challenge from Intuit called for designers to create a time management experience (mobile or web) that solves a personal problem.

Where to start?

With different routines, lifestyles, and obligations, there’s a multitude of ways to approach the problem.

I started to narrow the scope by focusing on defining the user and problem I wanted to solve for.

I began talking to my friends about their daily routines to learn more about their habits and lifestyle. From one of my conversations with my friends, she brought up a recent experience of going to…

Design research and discovery, defining the problem

How do you stay connected when you’re miles away?


How do we address the language barrier? I keep connected with my family in Taiwan through the Line app. It’s a popular chat and call app that my family uses to stay in touch. I’m in a group chat with my cousins, but my Chinese reading and writing skills are elementary at best.

I often have to copy and paste the chat into Google Translate to figure out what they’re saying. After a while, it becomes tedious and I rely on photos and emojis to understand the conversation.

I can’t be the only…

Tiffany Sun

Digital Experience Designer based in SF ✨ — @hyperisland Alumni —

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