Fuck, I like to swear. I like to do it because it’s so liberating, not to be edgy and cool.

Never really understanding why a set of words from the dictionary were labeled as forbidden I used them. And got punished for it, by my mom, my grandmom, society, the world.

If I ever say “shit” in public, especially when not around friends, I’ll get punishing looks from people who judge too much. Sending me to hell and back hoping I’ll learn my lesson.

Let me assure you, I won’t.

Older people like to do this even more, I get why, I’ve asked them. “It’s rude, you just can’t”. Why though?

I understand society as a whole and that it likes to judge you, it’s the way it shapes it’s members, like a cult. The World.

In certain situations I can’t treat people by certain terms. Fuck that, you can call me by whatever term you’d like. I don’t care.

And so, not liking to conform to this specific rule of society because I just don’t understand it, I’m free. I express myself in whichever fucking way I feel like.

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