“Picking the scabs off your heart, then wringing it out like a sock (sexton).” This quote made me think of the times that i had to move on from something. For example, when i got a bad grade on a test i felt horrendous, and thought that there was no method to come back and acquire a good grade in the semester, i realized that i had to move on. I moved on from it and tried my absolute hardest to acquire good grades for the rest of the semester. I used courage even in the face of tough times. I learned that sometimes the ideal thing to do is to move on, even when it seems unfeasible. Courage can also be shown in little ways like this, i didn’t have to look into the face of death. This quote also made me remember all the times i felt tired, worn out, or beat. Like when the school day ends and i come home. School is a burden on my shoulders that is extremely heavy. So when i come home and lay down on the couch i feel like my heart is being wrung out like a sock. A lot of stress goes away, but there is still that lingering feeling of all the stuff i have to do still and the following day of school. Stress: a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. I am positive every person in the world has felt stressed numerous times in their lives, some people more, and some people less. But then again, being stressed about something isn’t always a bad thing. It also means you care about what you are doing or what you are stressed about. Some people think stress is like a plane, ready to take off. While other people might think stress is like a blow to the head, you always end up with a headache.

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