Welcome, Robot Overlords. Please Don’t Fire Us?
Mother Jones

An interesting analysis. One thing that the article doesn’t consider is the shift in employment to jobs which are simply about entertaining each other or exploiting scarcity, like your Rembrandt painting. At the time of the Luddites only a few could afford to pay for entertainment and most people worked on the land for very little reward. There were no paid sportsmen. Now ever-increasing amounts are spent on sports, making films and entertainment in general, and some of our best-paid people are film stars and sportsmen that produce no real goods at all. Since economics and therefore value is about scarcity, then in an age of robot production what will be scarce and expensive will no longer be goods. It will be the best entertainment, the best sporting events, the best art and crafts, and as you point out, the best beach-front properties. Fulfillment will come from being an artist, craftsman, sportsman, scientist, designing new products, social care, exploring our planet, and we won’t even miss the drudgery of production and office life.

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