Weekend Walks

Sunday mornings, before everyone gets up

I find myself excited each Sunday morning. Knowing that city becomes clear of cars, people and bikes, is super exciting. I can simply wander with incredible ease.

I usually wake up early on Sundays and feel compelled to go outside. Perhaps it’s the result of being indoors for the other 6 days. I never feel like leaving the house when people are up and about.

The city becomes like a movie set. Passing a bar, you can identify sites and traces of drama. A smashed window, broken glass, new graffiti — indications that something intense had occurred. It all seems like an illusion, and the actors involved had gone home after a long day of shooting.

Bleak window slit letting barely any light in.

There’s a variety of architecture in Berlin. I’m quite fascinated by the Brutalist architecture, but I think it’s because I’m affected by what’s in Vogue. I like the clean lines, the bleak closed in, fortified feeling that the Brutalist buildings exude. It’s like the buildings are saying “leave me alone!” Facing other buildings with Italianate facades and molding, the Brutalist buildings seem to reject any indication of optimism.

The conversation between the buildings is fascinating. The floral moldings on the older buildings look so overly flamboyant. I can’t imagine the mindset of that period.

On these walks, I notice the urban foliage more. It comes in strange and unnatural forms. City creatures.

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