Is their hope in our relationship or has she got me again? In the spiral that’s spinning out of control down the weasel hole we go. What’s down this beautiful spinning out of control weasel hole you say? Well it’s the first sign of her favorite sip that red drip spinning with some blue drip. Then down she goes in the hole it starts at entrance where it slowly goes down, but up towards the chest where you feel it the best. If not it’s different you say well it could do one or two thing depending on the person and size of this sip it can even be the color of the sip from blue, pink, red, or clear. It could be what they name her from fire, pink to Annie who she plays for her sexual tendencies. It could do nothing, but mess you up to where you stay up, it could crawl in your head, or cause you to have multiple orgasms in bed, or do the total opposite nothing absolutely nothing. Theirs so many you never know which batch will do what, but it is what it is so does she got me again back in the weasel hole I dig while it’s spinning out of control babe. Hope is what we want, but for our relationship she has to stop.

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