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According to the job search site, a combination of staff returning after the summer break and a willingness to fill positions and spend budgets before the end of the year makes fall an ideal time for candidates to apply for new jobs.

So, if you’re new to the job market or looking for a career change, how can you take advantage of this hiring spree before the dead of winter freezes it up? …

High school student studies her textbook while a clock ticks in the background
High school student studies her textbook while a clock ticks in the background

As the summer winds down into the academic year, many high school seniors across the nation all have one thing on their minds: college admissions.

Those with the desire of getting into their dream school have worked hard for years to earn great GPAs, test scores and recommendation letters. While all of these ‘classic’ aspects of an application are highly important, what seniors may not have adequately considered is the effect of their presence on social media.

But why worry? Here are the facts. According to a survey from Kaplan Test Prep, 68 percent of college admissions officers believe looking at an applicant’s social media is “fair game.” Of admissions officers who gave the all-clear to look at social media, only about one third said they actually did it themselves. On the flip side, nine percent of admissions officers said they had revoked an incoming student’s acceptance because of the content found on their social media. …

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The TFP (That F’ing Post) app first emerged out of a hackathon, an event where computer programmers consume copious amounts of energy drinks and rattle off lines of code at breakneck speed. At this particular hackathon, a young developer had an idea for an app that addressed his biggest fear: not getting a job.

He was worried recruiters would disqualify him in their hiring process based on his history of social media posts. He also had a hunch that plenty of other people his age harbored the same fears.

Recent events suggest he wasn’t far from the mark. At last year’s NBA draft combine, one prospect was dropped from a team’s draft board after a homophobic slur from some years ago was discovered on his Twitter. Public figures, however, are not the only ones that have had their social media scrutinized. In another episode, the director of the University of Delaware’s Lerner Career Services Center deemed a candidate too risky after seeing his fiery, expletive-laden tirades against sports teams on Facebook. Finally, this Thursday the Philadelphia Police Department suspended 72 officers after an examination of their social media history yielded thousands of inflammatory and offensive posts. …


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