Why are you so threatened by this?
Charlotte Hanigan

Women are not at war with men. They just sent them into war against their will.

It is a shame nobody ever remembers the widespread feminist support for the white feather movement of world war 1, which allowed women to shame men into enlisting for the military, and also lobbied for a draft that even included the poor and the young.

Even now you are trying to take a man down a peg simply because he is tired of all these self-hating men that have been corrupted by this age of pedestals and anti-masculinity. Everything from our interests to the way we sit is being called into question. Only those that submit the assumption of inferiority and the feeling that they as a man should feel guilty for actions beyond their control are ((good people)), whereas confidence and acceptance of women as other people, no more and no less, are undesired traits to be rooted out.

The fact that you equate pride in one’s identity and refusal to be second class citizens as whining is disgusting. Your mindset disgusts me. Double standards are all the more bitter when they come from someone who asserts they are an authority on the topic.