Tianze Gao
Jun 1, 2018 ยท 3 min read

RBC uOttawa Emtrepreneurship Blog Post: A summary of my working experience.

A good beginning

Charles, is my boss. He gives me very good first-time impression during the interview. He asks me what kind of passion i have. I very honestly told him: to become a great business consultant or a teacher. Charles smiled and said this is what he love. At beginning, i think it is a small talk between i and him. But later on, i realize he wants his employee fully concentrated on what he love. So, the first task i received from Charles is teaching everyone in the company using Gitbook. I feel deeply passionate about sharing my knowledge and writing tutorial for training colleagues. In a word, i feel RBC entrepreneur apprentice working experience is very fantasy. It gives employer more chance to develop their personal talent.

Rcbenchmark group photo

A joyful entrepreneurial working experience

During the work, i received a variety of tasks associated with marketing and programming. For example, i build the learning center for the company. This is a document system where our stuff can publish their articles on company website. Besides, it is also an amazing experience that i try to open China market by translating our software product and website into multi-languages. Writing advertisement in Chinese is also an amazing experience.In conclusion, this working experience is very valuable since it helps me builds up the skill set in both programming and business analysis.

Company website In Chinese Version

A Bright future

RBC entrepreneur apprentice working experience is like an adventure to me. during this work-term, i have a chance to learn amazing skill from amazing people. My boss Charles and Dominic are both engineer and entrepreneur. Sounds cool? As a business man, they are very good at managing people, doing accounting, and open market. As an engineer, they are excellent at product development. However, the most amazing thing is, they are very very modest, and approachable to employee. if you have ideas, they listen to you and try to help you achieve it. They are not the boss that ignore you or high above you. They are the leader, but most of time, they are your backup. it makes the company very warm and cohesive. Is this the true art of management? i works for you but i feel i am very happy to work for you. Your idea is not being ignored, your talent is fully developed. I feel this company fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff. It makes a bright future for both company and stuff. In conclusion, my boss sets a models for me for being a leader and entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, Charles and Dominic are both ambitious to challenge. They are open minded to any suggestion and respect your opinion. Besides, they also give you advice in term of how the work should be done. If you feel unclear, they are always here to help you. My teacher used to told me: a leader is also a server. As an entrepreneur apprentice, the most valuable lesson i learn from my two boss is being nice to people and work hard. A great leader is also a great server to the team.