Some quick thoughts on the San Francisco 49ers hiring Charles Edward Kelly

I don’t know if I like this hire or not yet. He won’t be the GM. I think that is a good start. I think it remains to be seen if he is actually a good coach or not. I am excited that I think this means we’ll keep Kaep. I like Kaepernick. I think 2015 was just a rough year for him for so many reasons but I don’t think he is done and I think he will work well in Kelly’s system. With the Niners keeping Kaepernick, that frees up a draft pick for the Niners to use on one of the many other areas on the roster they need to focus on.

I was worried San Francisco was going to hire Tom Coughlin (who is older than my grandpa) or some no name that we, Niner fans, would have to pretend we’ve heard of and was the right choice all along. Of all the candidates, I find Chip Kelly to be the most intriguing.

I guess I am cautiously optimistic.