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I don’t know if Dan Whitener and his colleagues in the bluegrass / hip hop band Gangstagrass want to consider themselves prophets, but a listen of their brilliant new album No Time For Enemies does make you feel that it was written in the heart of a 2020 that has shook up the world from more than one direction, even if it was largely in the bank before its July release.

“We recorded the first three songs fully in the studio in late-January, early-February,” said the vocalist / banjo player. “So we got those first three songs and those were the singles, so people heard those and those were all ready to go. And the rest of the album we recorded all from lockdown in our own homes. Most of the album was influenced by the time that we were in. One song in particular, ‘Do Better,’ has a guest verse that came in from Randall Wyatt and he even has a line in there, ‘Please hold your laughter, unless you have a really funny meme about this whole disaster.’ …


Thomas Gerbasi

Editorial Director for Zuffa (UFC), Sr. editor for BoxingScene, and writer for Gotham Girls Roller Derby, Boxing News, and The Ring...WOOOO!

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