The Straight Men Who Want Nothing to Do With Women
C. Brian Smith

I don’t think its a case that MGTOW want to cry out for attention as people seem to think (at least, not for the majority), its that individuals have found them and found the concept of not following the traditionalist path of life — dating, relationship and marriage baffling at best, an assumption of misogyny at worst. As a result, MGTOW is being dragged through the dirt, not just by those who’d you expect to be critical, but by traditionalists, Christians and anti-feminists as well. Except the criticism aimed at them whether valid or not — anger at not being attractive to women, wanting to be left alone to live a bachelor lifestyle or so forth can be applied to groups of single men outside of MGTOW across the gamut of bachelorhood.

Worse still, recently, attempts have been made by mainstream media outlets to link men in MGTOW and bachelors as a whole as being radicalised into extremism such as white supremacy and the alt-right.

People’s issue isn’t with MGTOW per se, but with the concept that a man can decide of their own free will to forgo the concept of marriage, relationships and/or dating and live the bachelor lifestyle. For some reason, this really offends some people.

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