Are you giving Wilcox more ideas for part 2 of his video?
Robo Reginald

No. Wilcox showed himself up completely in his video and I made sure to spell out to him in the comments section how wrong he was.

This open letter is aimed at those who are critical of MGTOW but are not applying the same debunking standards as they have with creationism, feminism and flat Earth theory. This will take time, probably years, but I would want the ideas, principles and philosophy behind MGTOW put up to the same scrutiny as anything else presented in the open arena of debate.

I myself am critical of the current state of dating, relationships and marriage but am waiting for a rebuttal to the concerns raised by bachelors across the gamut of bachelorhood (not just MGTOW) on the issues raised around dating, divorce, risk assessments when engaging with women in terms of dating, relationships and marriage and so forth.

And its something that’ll need to be done soon because the attacks on bachelorhood (as I spelt out in my previous story on Medium) have begun.

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