Imagine a world where cars are identifying and labeling objects in real time. Let’s say a car notices a sign that’s been updated or deviates from the map data. Another car drives by. Same conclusion. After a hundred or so, the map updates automatically to reflect this change and this update applies to every single car in the U.S.
Self Driving Cars, The Most Hyped Thing Since…The Segway?
Michael Guo

Given the fact that current image recognition systems can easily be confused by dirt on a road sign, the fact that 100 automated vehicles ‘voted’ to change that road sign on nationally deployed navigational maps is disconcerting. Surely, something as important as a road sign used by a nations automated vehicles should be definitively defined by the highways commission and not by a bunch of easily confused artifical intelligences (AIs). So, before any maps get updated shouldn’t the highways commission be notified that a stop sign has apparently turned into a picnic area ahead sign, so that the change can be double-checked, if not a by a human, then by a system that understands just what road signs are meant to be where.

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