When delivery is free, will ownership survive?
Seth Miller

Well, that was excellent. Very well written. Very thought provoking.

I think that your vision of the future, where people own much less stuff than today, fits in well with my personal belief that in the future people will spend so much time in virtual/augmented reality that physical stuff will become much less important than virtual stuff. Of course, certain physical things will always be needed, but they could be rented as-and-when-required, and delivered just-in-time for use (as per your essay). It would be a physically-minimal but virtually-maximal way of life. It would also be a very efficient use of out planet’s finite resources. Your home could be physically tiny but virtually expansive. You could sit on a physically adequate chair but one that was virtually luxurious. You could sit in front of a grey concrete wall all day but see only the most beautiful vistas. If you look at what The Void is doing to marry very simple physical environments with virtual worlds, you can start to see the possibilities. One truly clever discovery is that, in virtual reality, you can make people walk around in relatively small circles but believe that they are walking in a totally straight line.

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