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The tradition began a long time ago. Popular for its lasting effect, the rare Indian art of Goldleafing and Silver Leafing, also known as Gilding, has found its place of Pride at places of monumental beauty: The Samodh Palace Jaipur, The Golden Temple Amritsar and The Mysore Palace. Today we are the fifth generation into the business of Gilding popular know Goldleafing and the allure continues. The Goldleafing Studio Mumbai India is engaged in manufacturing of genuine 24 Carat Gold and Silver Leafing, in varying range of outdoor and indoor gilding applications from cladding in religious monuments, ornamentation in architectural structure, leafing on domes and kalashes. Leafing can be directly done on POP walls, Ceilings, Artifacts, Drapes, and Furnishing among other Lifestyle Products.

Magic of Goldleafing by TGLS/ Shehzad Khan

There are places that reflect your style of Life, Art and Culture are not considered trends of the moment but pleasure for everyday life, in those places beauty and elegance are special and can be recognized by their natural exclusiveness.

We at The Goldleafing Studio have revived the ancient art of gold and silver leafing. Enabling our discerning customers to flaunt the magical aura of Goldleafing on virtually anything chairs, bed, chandeliers, mirrors, walls, ceiling and even furnishings. We are probably the only one in the country to offer genuine 24 carat real gold leafing apart from others forms of leafing such as Silver Leafing, Copper Leafing, Champagne Leafing, Bronze Leafing Antique Goldleafing and Gilding. go Ahead… indulge. Let the Midas touch of Goldleafing brighten up your lifestyle.

Services Offered:

Synthetic gold leafing
Silver leafing
Copper leafing
Metal leafing
Leafing services
Real gold leafing
24 Carat real gold leafing
Goldleafing on furniture
Champagne leafing
Architectural gilding
Architectural goldleafing

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