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Gilding Restoration and Conservation of Antiques and Artifacts.

Gold Leafing Mumbai

We at The Goldleafing Studio have revived the ancient art of gold and silver leafing. Enabling our discerning customers to flaunt the magical aura of Goldleafing on virtually anything chairs, bed, chandeliers, mirrors, walls, ceiling and even furnishings. We are probably the only one in the country to offer genuine 24 carat real gold leafing apart from others forms of leafing such as Silver Leafing, Copper Leafing, Champagne Leafing, Bronze Leafing Antique Goldleafing and Gilding. go Ahead… indulge. Let the Midas touch of Goldleafing brighten up your lifestyle.

Goldleafing on Ceiling in Mumbai

Gilding Services:

Gold Leaf Work in 
Real 24 Carat Gold Leafing Service
Silver Leafing 
Synthetic Gold Leafing
Champagne Leafing 
Bronze Leafing 
Copper Leafing 
Antique Leafing 
Metal Leafing
Leafing Services
Architectural Gilding (Goldleafing)
Water Gilding
Mercury Gilding
Traditional Art of Gilding
Oil Gilding
Genuine Gold Leaf Gilding Service
Gold Leaf Service

Gold Leafing Service in Mumbai

Gilding Projects / Job Areas

Gold Leafing for Hotels
Gold Leafing Gilding for Restaurants
Gold Leafing For Banquets
Gold Leafing For Bungalows
Gold Leaf Gilding For Private Villas, Residences, Penthouses
Gold Leafing for Corporate Offices
Gold Leafing Gilding for Jewellery Showrooms
Gold Leafing Gilding for Boutiques
Gold Leafing Gilding For Multiplex Cinemas
Gold Leafing Gilding for Super Malls
Gold Leafing Gilding for Museums
Gold Leafing Gilding for Religious Monuments
Gold Leafing Gilding on Glass Art Work
Goldleafing Gilding for Heritage Buildings

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