Gold Gilding Services at Tanta Egypt by TGLS/ Shehzad Khan.

Goldleafing on Ceiling by TGLS/ Shehzad Khan

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Goldleafing in Mumbai
Goldleafing on Marble

The Gold Leafing Studio is today the pioneer in fusing the age old crafts of Gilding and Metal Leafing with contemporary Arts
and Designs.

Gilding in Mosque

The enterprise has given a new visual dimensions with varying treatments like Antique, Champagne, Patina, Oxidize, Crackle and Textured finishes in Gold, Silver and Copper with 2 years free maintenance
& 10 years Guarantee*.


Working closely with Designers and Architects has helped evolve new ideas and techniques in Leafing thus transforming a simple wall or a piece of Furniture into Signature Collections.


Amongst all the stories that we heard as children, there was one such story that was carved and embossed in precious elements like gold, silver, copper, bronze & champagne. This story is that, which gripped me thoroughly and involved me into its lustrous beauty, to weave a dream that would someday hold true.

Goldleafing work in Mumbai

When I visited palaces and monuments that stood erect with pride in embracing those precious elements with which I had once weaved my dreams, I couldnt stop but embrace them into my arms and just never let go! With those ceilings glided in gold and statues in silver and champagne, mirror frames in antique and window panes in copper and bronze, I so wished to have lived in the era where this kind of luxury was true. I would love to spend a lifetime in the epoch where all this and much more was not just luxury, but a way of life. Life would mean so much more when one could steal the glitters and sparkles off the ceilings and window panes and easily spread them through your life. The reflection of these precious elements would echo content and pride in ones eyes. And that would probably be the purest sense of achievement, to have owned a palace where everything shines and radiates the luxury and glory.

Real Goldleafing in Mumbai

However, this story did not stop there. It came along all these years, it survived, and it paved its path through stones and is now known as The Gold Leafing Studio. Craftsmen of this artistic family restored their heritage through years and celebrated every moment of their existence with pride of having the power to make the universe shine to make it glitter in the brightest of radiance and beautify every object that they lay their hands on. This legendary story began to be known as a magical studio that could possibly emboss every object they had with the precious elements of gold, silver, copper, bronze, champagne, antique and much more.

Goldleafing in India

Their ancestors had involved me into weaving a dream that I always wanted to live, to move about palaces that were dressed in the purest form of gold, silver and many precious elements that I couldnt even name. The Gold Leafing Studio takes pride in having such ancestors that left behind impressions, in the form of dreams that many young ladies, like me, had woven in their youth. The Gold Leafing Studio carries forward their heritage by embossing gold and other precious elements to the dreams of people. They practically convert homes and flats into royal palaces that I had once dreamt of living in, and by now Im sure it has become one of your fond dreams too.

Goldleafing in Bombay

With the artistic skills of The Gold Leafing Studio I proudly live my dream with ceilings in gold, statues in silver & champagne, mirror frames in antique and window panes in copper & bronze! Are you ready to live the affordable luxury, to live the radiance of The Gold Leafing Studio

Best Goldleafing Work by TGLS/ Shehzad Khan

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