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Gold Leafing Manama Bahrain

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Gold Leafing Manama Bahrain

We bring you the 1st of its kind Gilding Studio (Showroom) in Worli Mumbai India with 75 years of rich experience in the Art of Gilding (Gold Leafing).

Leafing (Gilding) is recommended for Interior as well as Exterior Surface. Leafing in used as a wall Finish & on POP Ceiling or Domes, Leafing can be directly done on wooden furniture, Metal Lift Doors, Marble Inlay, Fibre Arches, Artifact, MDF Panels, Temple Kalashes, Canvas Paintings, Candles etc.

Gold Leafing Application Projects Or Areas:
Gold Leafing in Luxury Hotel Rooms, Real Gold Leafing Luxury Hotel Rooms and Suites in Mumbai, Gold Leafing in Hotel Lobby Area, Gold Leafing for Banquets, Gold Leafing for Bunglows, Gold Leafing for Flats & Residences, Gold Leafing for Corporate Offices, Gold Leafing for Jewellery Showrooms, Gold Leafing in Boutiques, Gold Leafing for Multiplex Movie Theaters, Gold Leafing for Malls, Gilding in Museums, Gold Leafing for all Religeous Monuments.

We use Real 24 Carat Gold Leaf manufactured by our company specially for Interior & Exteriors. As all our Leafing products are finished with a top coat of Imported Lacquer. Real Gold Leafing (Gilding) done by TGLS / Shehzad Khan is maintenance free.

TGLS/ Shehzad Khan Gilding Services:

Real 24 Carat Gold Leafing Manama Bahrain
Silver Leafing Manama Bahrain
Synthetic Gold Leafing Manama Bahrain
Goldleafing Manama Bahrain
Champagne Leafing Manama Bahrain
Bronze Leafing Manama Bahrain
Copper Leafing Manama Bahrain
Antique Leafing Manama Bahrain
Metal Leafing Manama Bahrain
Leafing Services Manama Bahrain
Architectural Gilding (Goldleafing) Manama Bahrain

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