Gold Leafing in Mecca Madina Saudi Arabia by TGLS/ Shehzad Khan.

Gold leafing in Saudi Arabia
Console Goldleafing

Origin of TGLS/ Shehzad Khan

Evolved at least 75 years ago from blazing of Pink City International, We have graduated in various dimensions past the changing trends in Commerce and Art of Gilding. Today as we speak TGLS is an independent entity, shaping into a Corporate Household of Ace Artisans, that are competently bred and polished. This thought was inculcated hundreds of years ago, in the creative mind of an artisan who was the ancestor of Mohammad Afzal Abdul Rehman Khan.


Beyond the lines of our country they ventured considering their fine classical and ever contemporary art form called Metal Leafing or Gilding. First the connoisseurs of this elegant art form were the royals, as the ratio of popularity increased The Gold Leafing artisans went greater than their customary boundaries and embraced invention and proceed in their designs. Implementing the thought, gives an the entire together supplementary dimension to the existence.


Mohammad Afzal Abdul Rehman Khan

Leafing (Gilding) started in the era of imperials. This exclusive form of art is passed concerning from dad to son. TGLS the indigenous dwelling of artisans is headed by Mohammad Afzal Abdul Rehman Khan — The First Generation Gold Gilder in India.

Goldleafing on Furniture

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