Goldleafing in Five Star Hotels in Dubai Business Bay United Arab Emirates.

Goldleafing in Dubai by TGLS/ Shehzad Khan
Finest Gold Leafing Services in Dubai UAE

TGLS/ Shehzad Khan- Best Gold Leafing Designer in Dubai UAE.

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Mobile — +91 7276563639

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The Gold Leafing Studio is today the pioneer in fusing the age old crafts of Gilding and Metal Leafing with contemporary Arts
and Designs.

Goldleafing in Abu Dhabi UAE

The enterprise has given a new visual dimensions with varying treatments like Antique, Champagne,
Patina, Oxidize, Crackle and Textured finishes in Gold, Silver and Copper with 2 years free maintenance
& 10 years Guarantee*.

Art of Real Goldleafing by TGLS/ Shehzad Khan

Working closely with Designers and Architects has helped evolve new ideas and techniques in Leafing
thus transforming a simple wall or a piece of Furniture into Signature Collections.

Gold Leafing on Furniture In Dubai

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