Goldleafing on Door in Bandra Mumbai by TGLS/ Shehzad Khan.


The Gold Leafing Studio joyously celebrates Ganesh Chaturti and honours Lord Ganesha with his idols made in Gold.

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Gold Leafing Artistic Work by TGLS

The Gold Leafing Studio feels blessed to have been able to glide gold through numerous idols of Lord Ganesha and banked an exceptional opportunity to gain his blessings. The process of gold leafing minutely considered the purity required while glided gold through the idols as well as the sentiments of the devotees.

Silver Leafing on Glass by TGLS/ Shehzad Khan

The Gold Leafing Studio made the most of this occasion to explore its creativity in dressing up Lord Ganesha in gold and honouring him with the priciest of offering. With a clear and pure heart and pure intentions, The Gold Leafing Studio celebrates this Ganesh Chaturti with extended zeal and enthusiasm.

Goldleafing on Door in Mumbai

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